Are Netent Slots Rigged?

The old saying goes, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. This ideology can be applied to Netent slot games. Many questions have been asked as to whether Netent is rigged or not. We take an in depth look into this and help you answer the difficult questions. It surely is the most established and coveted gaming company across the globe. As a company, Netent has some of the best online casinos like .

What are RTPs and RNGs?

Without a doubt, Netent is the biggest gaming company in the world and enjoys high levels of support and loyalty. When it comes to determination of credibility and fairness in online gaming, RTPs and RNGs are the important areas. RNG is the short form of Random Number Generator, while RTP refers to Return to Player. These aspects are very essential in comprehending the credibility of a game developer. Well known sites like have backed this up through research.

RTP, to begin with, shows the odds of a player winning the slot. This element expresses projections in terms of percentage levels so that players can see a message like 'expected RTP:91%' popping up on their screens as they play. This message indicates the total sum of money you'll get upon winning. It is important in determining what amount of money to expect. It also makes it clear for gamblers and slot operators.


What is the Impact of RTP and RNG?

From a theoretical point of view, the higher the percentage of RTP, the little chances there are of a gambler losing. You should, therefore, always aim for a lower RTP! Players are advised to use it as a guide and use it to make decisions. It is important to note that there are some slot machine with RTP percentages but also give high win rates. So, it is important to be careful when choosing a slot machine.

RTP has a great impact on determining whether Netent slots are rigged or not. Alongside RNG, engineers can be able to determine whether the slots have been altered with. From a report given upon the inspection of Netent servers, it is confirmed that Netent slots are in tact and not accessible by any unauthorized personnel. This makes the game interesting and trustworthy. Through RTP, therefore, such important information can be determined and confirmed.

What are Variance Rates in Netent Gaming?

Another way of determining whether Netent slots are rigged or not is through variance rates. In Netent, slot machines that have high variance rates pay out less regularly but dish out larger amounts of money. Slot machines with lower variance levels, however, pay out more often but in fewer amounts. Variance rate is a very important aspect that engineers use to determine whether slots have been rigged or not and how fair they are.

The Random Number generator is also an important factor in determining whether Netent slots are rigged or not. According to game developers, all Netent slots are guided by a computer driven algorithm popularly known as RNG. This is a critical algorithm that helps ensure a gambler's fate is fairy determined when playing the online slot games. It ensures that every gambler has a fair chance of winning the price. It therefore, remains an important aspects in fate ascertaining.

So, Are Netent Slots Rigged?

Going back to our main question regarding the legitimacy of Netent slots, the answer is no. Netent slots are not rigged, in fact, they have the most accurate softwares. With all the strict measures Netent has put in place, it is impossible to have their slots rigged. The company prides itself in having the highest payout rates as well as the most powerful gaming software. It is simply the best slot in the industry.