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Steps to Make a Website Design

You probably already know, to facilitate the work of website design you could use some help of software such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage. The software was usually known as web authoring software. However, to create a beautiful Website design, you still need other tools. I mean the software to manipulate images. Yes, Dreamweaver and his friends could not manipulate the image. What I mean by image manipulation here is to change the image that we will use on the website, such as resize, crop, change colours or even combine multiple images to make them look more pleasing. All that can only be done by a special software used to manipulate images. And of course that is probably most often you hear is Adobe Photoshop.

Here are the general steps in designing a website:

– Create a web template design image

– Cut up the image according to the district (eg, header, menu, body, footer, etc.).

– Arrange the pieces drawing it back in the website using KompoZer.

– If your website is a dynamic website, then the next step is to insert PHP code into website results from KompoZer.