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How to Make a Good Typography for Website Design

Typography is a combination of art and engineering to set the paper so as to make the meaning of the text visually conveyed properly. That is why typography is also important in terms of the Website design. Processing typography is not only limited by the selection typeface, large fonts, kerning, leading, decorations and so on, but also on compatibility between the theme and the impression you want shown. Here are 5 guidelines how to create an attractive typography on your website.

1. Read the text you publish on your website

Copy & Paste is a technique that is often done in filling content website. Usually, clients send the desired text and web designer then simply move to the website as part of the liabilities alone. However, the thing to note is that reading the text provided by the client will bring up a basic idea of how the text will be integrated into the website, so that between the text and the design united and the message conveyed properly.

2. Use lorem ipsum dummy text and replace it immediately with the
original text

Lorem ipsum dummy text is extremely useful to create the impression of an attractive typography on the website. However, the dummy text is sometimes not suitable for a particular website design that requires words more specific. Therefore, as much as possible so that you will get the desired original text so that the overall shape between website design and typography can be harmonized.

3. Show a clear hierarchy

Hierarchy here can mean something that directs you start. When you view a website, what part of your direct view? With the clarity like this, your website typography will look more organized look. To do this, you can try to choose large letters, the letters that attractive and clear, then the placement of the letter should also be adjusted properly.

4. Note about the macro and micro typography

Macro typography related to the structure of the writing and the impression that appear on the website as part of the aesthetic design in the placement. While micro typography with regard to the details of distance, whether the words easier to read or not and that determines how the text should be compiled.

5. Be careful with the color of the font used

The color selection of letters will greatly affect the psychological impression of the show. For example, if the font color red, then quickly make the eyes become tired. Then the color of the letters should also be different from the background color, not necessarily with contrasting colors but can be a color more clearly visible so easy to read.

Create Website With Considering The Function Of A Website

Website design is the art and process of creating a single web page or a whole and may involve aesthetic and mechanical intricacies of operating a website that although the main focus on the look and feel. While important aspect in the web design is to create animations and graphics, the selection of colours, graphics and fonts. It should be controlled by a web designer is the mastery of the art by exploring the imagination and explore the artistic taste then poured into a web page. Being able to choose a good colour and combine it with other colours thus creating a colour matching mix. They must also be able to create a form or a good sketch of the form of web pages. The most important thing is being able incorporates imagination or original ideas and combining of the client. Placing the multimedia components on certain parts so the web pages are more appealing is an obligation.

They also must have a mastery of web design tool support, such as regulatory application program web layout; Macromedia Dreamweaver, Ms.Frontpage, edit plus, PHP etc. Not only that, the application program such as Macromedia Flash animation maker, Swish also be understood by the web designer. The designer of graphic design application program such as Photoshop, Corel, Paint etc. tenure also makes Interface also mastering a programming language is a necessary condition that must be controlled by a web designer.

Before designing, we should know and understand some of the functions in order to design a website created in accordance with the functionality of the website. In general functionality of the website is as follows:

1. Communications. Web sites that serve as communication, in general, is a dynamic web. Because it is made using web programming (server-side) it is equipped with facilities that provide communication functions such as webmail, formanthec, chats, forums etc.

2. Information. They need to stress on quality of content because the purpose of this site is to declare it. It preferably contains text and graphics for facilities that provide the function of information, news, files, company, library, preferences etc.

3. Entertainment. As a means of entertainment element the use of animation and moving images can improve the quality of presentation design but still, must consider the speed of the download. Examples of entertainment function: online games, online movies, online music etc.

4. Transaction Or Business. Web sites can be a good business transaction of goods, services, etc. website linking consumers and company and specific community through electronic means. The payout can ease a credit card, transfer or pay directly.

Steps to Make a Website Design

You probably already know, to facilitate the work of website design you could use some help of software such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage. The software was usually known as web authoring software. However, to create a beautiful Website design, you still need other tools. I mean the software to manipulate images. Yes, Dreamweaver and his friends could not manipulate the image. What I mean by image manipulation here is to change the image that we will use on the website, such as resize, crop, change colours or even combine multiple images to make them look more pleasing. All that can only be done by a special software used to manipulate images. And of course that is probably most often you hear is Adobe Photoshop.

Here are the general steps in designing a website:

– Create a web template design image

– Cut up the image according to the district (eg, header, menu, body, footer, etc.).

– Arrange the pieces drawing it back in the website using KompoZer.

– If your website is a dynamic website, then the next step is to insert PHP code into website results from KompoZer.

Tips for Studying Web Design

Web design is one that collects various areas of design expertise in one place. It makes a lot of people get confused when I started learning web design. Should first learn programming? Or should start by designing in Photoshop? This article will discuss some tips that hopefully makes it easier to learn Website design.

1. Start with Studying Minimalist Design
The minimalist design is the first design style that must be mastered. In a minimalist design, you will be required to produce an effective design without the need preoccupied with details that are not so important. Stambaugh Designs is very good at minimalist design.

2. Always focus On Function
Web designer is not an artist. So, focus on the function of the site is not on the ornaments and trinkets sites. Always look for the best Bellingham web design company to complete your project for you.

3. Notice Web Design Current Trend
You can obtain trend information that exists today with attention to design reputable sites.

4. Master Software Used
You also do not need to question the software used in designing. Most designers choose Photoshop and some choose Fireworks. Please select the software that you like and controlled in earnest.

4. Learn SEO
You also need to learn how to make your awesome website show up in local search results. That is search engine optimization. SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. Check out Bellingham SEO for more information.